The presidential regiment in Moscow is armed with weapons from Zlatoust

Divorce of the Presidential Regiment on Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin. This ceremony is one of the visiting cards of Moscow and the most famous in the world of Russian military ritual.

The presidential regiment is organizationally included in the Federal Guard Service, but this solemn ritual goes back to antiquity – at a time when there was no clear division of the state’s power structures into the army and special services. Mentally and personnel regiment has always been closely associated with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Senior Lieutenant Irina Mamaeva – Among the participants in the ceremony of divorce of the guard – 81 men and one woman.

One of the most difficult in the ceremony is cold steel tricks. The problem is objective. Armed with the Kremlin cavalry drafts of the XIX century. This is a historical weapon, which is made especially for the soldiers of the presidential regiment by the masters of the same factory as a century and a half ago – by craftsmen from the city of Zlatoust.

Full name: 1881 Dragoon Officer Checker. She immediately replaced a whole family of blades: she replaced the officers and generals with cavalry, dragoon and infantry sabers and cuirassier broadswords. According to the then charters, the checkers were forged from 890 to 1050 mm long, the blade was of slight curvature, the weight of the checker reached 1.1 kg, and with a scabbard – from 1.65 kg (scabbard with nuts) to 1.75 kg

In 1815, by decree of the Emperor of the Russian Empire Alexander I, an arms factory was founded in the city of Zlatoust. The best craftsmen from Solingen and Klingenthal (Germany) were invited to work.

By the highest decree of the Emperor of March 7, 1817, it was stated that the Zlatoust factory “should produce weapons instead of other weapons factories.”

Since then, the factory has produced the best military and decorated weapons for the Russian army and the country’s top leadership

In 1833, the factory director, the world-famous metallurgist Pavel Anosov, discovered the secret of damask steel. For 80 years, the Zlatoust weapons factory remained the only company in the world where they could produce damask blades that differed in patterned surface, incredible strength, elasticity and sharpness of the blade.

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