We will complete the order according to your wishes.

Tell us what you want to receive. What is the purpose of the gift and what is the time frame for the entire development and manufacturing process

Confidential order

You want to hide your design from public display

Product personalization

Your logo, brand, name

Corporate gift

It is required to release a series of luxury products

Gift for friend or family

Need to be in time for a birthday with wishes and personalization

After studying your needs and wishes, we will design your custom order for free. During the development process, we will send you options and listen to your wishes. After the development of the final layout, you approve the design and we begin production. Below is an example with a gift sword, what can I do in it and this is only a small part of the customization

Customization based on your wishes

Add decor, change materials and shapes

Custom order Pegasus Leaders - Combined scabbard

Select steel

Damascus steel | High alloy steel | Wootz steel

Scabbard type

Solid metal or combined with leather


Is a chain required? What do you want to put on the emblem?

Handle material

Wood | Metal | Resin | Elforin (artificial elephant bone) |

The presence of stones

Malachite | Lapis lazuli | Jade | Cubic zirconia | Others

What to put on the blade

We can make our own decor or place your logo or inscription here

What decor?

We can make a floral or geometric ornament. Add artistic images with enamel

Gift box

One of the most important details of a gift is the packaging. We offer luxurious wooden gift boxes. The decor can be either wood veneer or a lacquer box. The box can be decorated with a custom plate especially for your gift. By specifying the recipient of the gift, date, event or company name

Production time

It is important to understand the lead times. The more time we have, the better.

  • Time for your ideas and layout development - depends on you and me. From 1 day or more
  • The production time depends on the complexity, the possible release of a limited series and the availability of the necessary material for your tasks. From 30 to 90 days
  • Gift box production, delivery and customs clearance. From 2 days to 15 days depending on the product
  • Time for international delivery to you. Our minimum day to deliver is 5 days

Fill out an application for a custom order

Filling out an application will speed up the process of customizing your order. Our manager will contact you