Since ancient times, edged weapons have been considered a symbol of courage, a sign of belonging to a military society, and emphasized the status of their owner. Today, edged weapons have ceased to be applied weapons, but the rest has remained unchanged.
Modern edged weapons are made using expensive materials and look luxurious. Could something be a better gift for a strong man than a sword made of expensive steel richly decorated with gold and stones? What can better emphasize strength and masculinity?
Of course, modern weapons do not pursue the same goals as in the past, but the design and manufacturing technology remained the same.
Each type of weapon is made using expensive materials, including high-quality steel, valuable wood for the hilt, enamel and precious stones. Weapon can be stylized as an award sword of the Persian Empire times or as a sword of a Roman legionnaire. This does not change its value, impressiveness and workmanship.
Edged weapons are not a gift for everyone. This is due to its high price. However, it is worth considering what you get for this money. You get a sign of status, distinction, excellence.
A handmade gift weapon is a wonderful gift for a husband or boss that he will never forget. Engraving on the blade only increases the effect that such a gift produces. This is an investment in a real work of art. Just think, can something be just as good for a powerful and strong person?

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