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Steven Seagal Custom Kukri

The famous film actor has long dreamed of a spectacular and powerful kukri. The gunsmiths and blacksmiths from Zlatoust made an exclusive kukri for the martial artist.

On April 10, 2018, the American film actor, film producer, screenwriter and director Steven Seagal received a special gift for his 66th birthday.

Zlatoust gunsmiths and the brand “TAVAN NUDEN” presented a star of militants kukri, made by his special order.

According to the drawing, in the development of which Steven Seagal himself participated, the dimensions of the blade (up to 300 mm) and the hilt (up to 150 mm) were increased, the shape of the kukri is closest to the traditional weapons of Nepalese warriors.

On the front side of the blade are engraved hieroglyphs – the initials of the actor.

Kukri has a unique design, providing its outstanding properties, which have survived to our time from the XIV-XV centuries with almost no changes. Kukri was part of the weapons of the invincible Gurkhas and was used in close combat, and also replaced the machete.

The curved blade, resembling the shape of a falcon wing, is sharpened on the inside. An impressive knife with a huge blade of variable width, with a butt thickness of 6 mm. The stiffness of the blade in the narrow first half is further enhanced by two dales. The blade has a variable sharpening angle. The sharper angle of the back of the lenticular slopes of the first two-thirds of the blade allows not only cutting, but also cutting. The third blade closest to the tip, having a larger angle of almost straight descents, can be chopped like an ax. The center of gravity of the blade is shifted closer to the tip of the blade due to its variable width, which contributes to effective cutting impacts. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly under the big hand.

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