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Presidential office sets made of natural stone

Writing sets are needed to decorate your workspace, making it convenient and enjoyable. Exclusive writing sets made of handmade stone belong to elite gifts that will become a worthy decoration of the office of a successful person.

A set of desktop appliances decorates the office of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan. Done in a single copy.

The case of each set is decorated by a stone-cutting master made of natural stones. The main materials are malachite, jade, lapis lazuli, jasper, obsidian, marble, dolerite.

The kit includes all the accessories necessary for the job. Functionality and equipment may vary according to customer needs. The standard set always includes the main base, pencil box, card holders. Often, kits are equipped with watches, boxes for storing small items, flagpoles, statuettes (eagles, stallions, lions and other animals)

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